During time in Hamburg I had to commute through the whole city every day. I found that many people - including myself - are using public transport quite passively and unconscious of their surroundings and its possible influence on the human body. This inspired me to produce a large series of abstract graphics. The main thought behind it is that machines transfer their rhythms and vibrations into the human body where they might even connect with the endogenous ones. I wanted to record this relationship as well as the passive process while using different kinds of public transport.

The series consists of more than 200 line graphics developed through the combination of mechanical vibrations (while using different kinds of public transport like subways, trains, buses, escalators and even planes) and the human body. Thus, the title Seismography appeared to me as obvious.

Each piece is being scaled from its original size and screen printed onto 300g high quality paper in an edition of three each.

Unfortunately the whole series is too extensive to be displayed here.
For further information or pricing feel free to contact me.

Technique: Acrylic Paint on Paper (300g)
Measurements: 500 mm x 650 mm

Signed and Numbered.